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August 19th - Did a little interview with Simon Nicholls on his show at Nevis Radio in the Scottish Highlands. It seems likely I shall be traveling up there to do a gig in October so if you live within striking distance keep in touch and I'll post the details on here.




June 26th - Some rehearsals this week for Sunday's  two short set's at the Tentertainment festival. We're on early on Sunday so getting a band together willing to get out of bed and travel to the depths of the Kent countryside proved too much. But never fear, we have improvised and we're looking forward to trying out a bit of technology to bolster us up. If you really can't be arsed to get up to see us on the main stage at 11 we'll be playing in the Yurt (a big tent, although not like a circus) during the afternoon. 




June 15th - My new collaboration with Prod Pritchard will be showcasing our new collaboration "Glasshouse" at the Tentertainment Festival in Tenterden, Kent on Sunday July 1st. We're on the main stage at 11am (yes I know) until 11.30am and we hope to be taking some other players with us, although bearing in mind the show time its unlikely that we'll have too many that want to travel long distance. In any case we'll be playing some songs.

If you really can't get out of bed in time to see us on the main stage we'll also be playing a short acoustic set in the Yurt during the afternoon so please drag your sorry arse out of bed for that. It'll only be twenty minutes or so but what else are you doing on a Sunday. Come and listen to some music. Oh, best of all its FREE and there's a Beer Tent (the beer isn't free)

Check out the details here and on the Gig page


June 15th - Pleased to announce my new musical collaboration "Glasshouse" with Prod Pritchard. Prod is a long time friend and hugely talented musician and songwriter. There's a picture in the gallery of us looking all "guitary" and negative (in a photographic sense)


May 2nd - The real McCoy CD copies of "Gazing Up From The Moon" arrive with me tomorrow. They have been massively delayed because I am a bit of an arse and changed my mind about the artwork and packaging and so on. However, as a sensitive artist I can obviously be excused. Thanks to Adam Blunden for his usual excellent artwork. Won't be long till I'm asking him to do something else no doubt. Anyway, after all that excitement I'll go and have a lie down while you toddle along to the "Music" page and buy a copy. They're only a few quid and they've got some songs and stuff on them.


March 6th - Just received some mixes of the January session I did with Boo at Mark Freegard's most excellent studio in Glasgow. Looking forward to giving them a listen later today.


March 5th - Great night in Balham yesterday supporting the wonderful Dave Holmes at his album launch. Video on the uhh..Video page and a little blog posting on the....yep, you guessed it, the Blog page.


March 1st - Delighted to be playing a short acoustic set supporting the launch of Dave Holmes new album in Balham on Sunday March 4th. He is a fabulous player and I'm sure it will be a great night. Follow the link on the "Live" page for more details


February 23rd - Its been a busy start to the new year. The EP "Gazing Up From The Moon" was released for download on January 3rd and then I spent a few days in the studio recording some new material for release later in 2012. On top of that you'll have noticed the lovely new website.

Check out my blog for more information and pictures.